About Us

As early adopters to vaping, we are here to offer a more complete solution to our fellow vapors. We have combined our distribution and retailing operations with our education initiatives to offer our clients one complete solution - a curated stop for all things vape based on your individual preferences and tastes.

We are not in the market to push our own product lines, offer sub par service to profit from your hard earned money. We are in the vaping world to grow the community as we truly believe vaping is a safer and healthier alternative which also allows you to express your individuality.

We want to connect our customers to the most cutting edge vaping producers and manufacturers. We travel all over the world attending conferences and events meeting like minded vaping lovers who happen to be unique producers/manufacturers as well.  We wish to bring those to you. 

As we continue to grow, our ambitions of using our platform to impact change will also grow. Why should vaping be any different than consuming a glass of wine? 

Stick with us and we will grow this industry together.

Ares Executive Team