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The Cheetah II Mini version is brand new RDA from OBS.  It feature two ways to drip, adjustable middle airflow, precise air circulation and easy coil building thanks to modified post clamps.

The Cheetah II Mini measures 22mm x 35.5mm and is made from 304 stainless steel that has been polished. The colors options are black, blue, silver or gold.  The airflow cap features amazing etching of two Cheetahs to really make the RDA stand out.

Compared to the previous OBS Cheetah, the second one was designed with a detailed air circulation system.  The dual external intake slots have been moved from the top to the side and are adjusted under the drip tip.  In this way, air travels directly to the coil for instant vapor production with the maximum amount of taste.

A brand new design for the build deck is said to make building a more effortless process than ever.  The dual post deck features a modified lock structure with horizontal clamp post which utilizes cross screws that are easier to work with while preventing worn threads.

A PEI drip tip is included with purchase.  This type of construction material is virtually unbreakable, clean, eco-friendly and has amazing longevity.  Dripping on the Cheetah can be performed by either taking off the drip tip or by removing the airflow cap.



  • Dimensions: 22mm x 35.5mm, 29g
  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • Colors: gold, silver, black
  • Durable PEI drip tip
  • Etched Cheetah logo
  • Brand new air circulation system for vapor and flavor
  • Two top adjustable external side aiflow intakes
  • Dual post deck for easy building
  • Cross screws on post for easy coil installation
  • Drip by removing chuff cap or from drip tip